This week we will earnestly attempt to tackle the word BUOYANT.  Although there are at least three approved definitions by our preferred dictionary, Merriam-Webster, we found that they clearly depict it as the ability to rise above, be cheerful while doing it and maintaining it at a satisfactory high level.  We typically do not embrace all of the definitions and certainly not all in the same post, but as the author I find myself unable to separate the definitions as it applies to the human spirit.  I’d like to go on record and say that life is fair.  I know many of you are preparing to rebut this post with your life’s story as corroboration of your mistreatment.  Before you do, consider this – life treats everyone the same.  Everyone has what they would consider problems, troubles, situations that they would rather not have happen.  Everyone at one time or another has suffered from the effects of failure.  No one person’s life is perfect.  From that perspective I would like to reiterate that life is fair!  buoyThe difference is the individual’s ability to displace the minutia and rise above the problems, situations, distractions, happenstance and or occurrences.  To measure if an object is buoyant requires mathematical skills and some water.  However if you want to know if a person has a BUOYANT spirit just look at the stuff that they have endured.  If you have ever tried to float in a swimming pool you’ll discover that in order to do so you must first lean back and then relax.  If you are tense and in possession of a tight posture you will sink.  Likewise in life if you are tense and less than cheerful while going through, you are bound to sink.  Finally, maintaining buoyancy is about longevity, endurance, and staying the course.  Floating for an instance does the object little to no good; if the journey is longer than the individual can maintain, then he/she may as well not even venture beyond the front door.  Somebody Shoulda Told Me That living this life is about long journeys, long distance goals and out living long-lasting problems.  I know now and so do you.

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4 Responses to “Buoyant”

  1. John Erny says:

    Hey My 43 Echo friend, I love your posts

  2. Tanya Echols says:

    Oh! How many times have we told our kids that life isn’t fair?? This is powerful Cory Echols. You have reminded us that life plays no favorites — we all get our share. At the same time, I gleaned from this a comparison of leaning on God to floating in a pool. The next time I get tired on this journey, I will remember to “lean back and then relax”. I’m sure you will remind me. Great post! Powerful!

  3. Aqil Abdul-Barr says:

    Words can be used to help as well as harm so I’m often wary of definitions, because people have mastered the play on words to promote their agendas with the intent to deceive, yet one must have an understanding of words and their definitions in order to function in this world, because it is through words that we communicate! With that being said, “the ability to stay afloat”, is the first thing that comes to my mind when contemplating the word Buoyant. Naturally, most people will automatically picture water when thinking about staying afloat, however I’m talking about staying afloat in this world when it is so easy to drown in the trials and tribulations that one is faced with on a daily basis! To proceed, I agree with the statement that “Life is fair”, to believe otherwise is to show a profound lack of faith in Allah(God)! We all adhere to the belief that “no burden is placed upon us that we don’t have the strength to bear”! Our Lord is a Just Lord so we should be assured that He will never unfairly burden us! When we find ourselves sinking and struggling to stay afloat it is often due to the choices that we have made out of greed, arrogance, ignorance, and other human traits, instead of making choices that coincide with our belief in Allah(God)! We have to force our desires to submit to the commands of our Creator, instead of submitting to our desires, because when we submit to our desires we will find ourselves in the same situation that Adam and Eve found themselves in when they obeyed their desires over the commands of Allah(God)! The point that I am trying to make is that as long as you hold on to the rope of Allah(God), you will always have help in remaining afloat, because the natural disposition of a righteous spirit is to be “Buoyant”!…..B.X.F.

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