Greetings readers, the word this week is near and dear to my heart, for it is the driving force behind the zeal that I possess when I commit to any one thing. This word describes a mindset that we attribute to men and women after the fact. I would suggest that in order to achieve any feat in life, one must be fully committed to it before one step is taken. This word doesn’t guarantee that you will be rich or famous, but you will be satisfied. In the world of economics, an ordinal measurement of satisfaction is called a util. The word this week directly impacts the amount of utils one receives before, during and after a task is undertaken. Ladies and gentlemen the word this week is GREAT.

Merriam-Webster defines GREAT as: remarkable in magnitude, degree, or effectiveness.

GREAT is a simple yet very empowering word that can impact the individual and the corporation alike. GREAT can remove an individual from the realm of the mediocre and place him/her squarely in the realm of the stellar. GREAT injects fear into the heart of the lazy individual. GREAT requires a shift in the individual’s behavior, demeanor, and modus operandi. GREAT demands and yet infuses focus, poise, and a steadfastness that the believer has yet to encounter. It prepares the individual to methodically approach any problem/situation and to be the solution. To be GREAT one must often times forsake their preconceived notions and seek the best answer. Therefore they are easily removed from the anticipated and mundane response, to one of surprise and awe.

GREATness is the result of a fixed mindset that has created a standard operating procedure with its focal point(standing room only) as success. Crowded in the mind of the GREAT person is the notion of being fully committed to success.

If someone had dared me to be GREAT in math, I would have passed calculus with a “B” the first time. Maybe even an “A”. In college, when I attempted Calculus the first time it was one of a lack luster performance. I never studied or even gave it a second thought because everything academically, up until that point, was so incredibly simple. I was dumbfounded (literally found to be dumb), when the tragic day that exposed my lazy attitude towards math had arrived. For the life of me I could not figure out why that professor gave me a “D”. When I was forced to give it a second thought, I put in the time and even hired a tutor. In order to be GREAT, you must sincerely review your standing and from that perspective you can then determine where you want to be. It reminds me of that old cliché, “the light at the end of the tunnel”. The funny thing about that “light” is that most viewing it, determine that the light at the end is the only place where the light resides.

I would suggest that if you are in the dark and you see the light, then there is light where you stand.

To be GREAT, you must understand that there are always options. While striving to be GREAT, there is a high degree of certainty that you will fail along your journey. Never give up when you fail. Failing builds character; and if you press on, failing builds up steam for the next attempt. You never know what resides in you until you have fallen and had to get up and give it your all. Giving it your all has the tendency to bring out GREATness because your resolve is purified. Being GREAT is about waking up every day (win, lose, or draw) and allowing yourself to be remade by your experiences. Imagine if the entire free world performed every task giving it their all. Customer service phone calls would be phenomenal, the burger on the poster would pale in comparison to the real thing, and my cable would never go out. The truth of the matter is, not everyone is going to be GREAT; but equally so, everyone will notice those that have chosen to be GREAT.



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