This week I would like to discuss something that everyone has desired at some point in their lives. Some never seem to acquire it, while most are in possession of it mildly during different spurts of time throughout their tenure on this watery rock we call Earth. The word this week is PEACE. Many may view PEACE as Merriam Webster’s Dictionary describes as the time in between wars. If we are talking about the joyful, yet fleeting moments during the ride home from work or just before you get the kids from daycare, that definition is derived from the Anglo-French term “pes”, meaning freedom from civil disorder. PEACE has evolved throughout time to not only symbolize fighting cessation, but to include the 1960’s version of societal tranquility from the stress and pressure of fitting the mold.

I would like to approach PEACE from the perspective of the individual. The economic pressures of today are colossal and for a family to survive they have to make changes that could be long lasting. Some families have to reduce the amount of food put into a child’s lunch box while others are being introduced to their county’s version of the reduced lunch program. Often times we rob ourselves of the PEACE we so richly deserve, by putting a great deal of merit into the perceptions of others or when we’re simply too stubborn to make do with less. There are outside stresses that can utterly strong-arm rob an individual of PEACE. Financial woes or loss of income has that very ability. It is natural for one to stumble a bit when initially faced with the thought of having to contend with the challenges of life with less. However, if you are so far from where you started and cannot find your way back to the fundamentals, I would suggest, like Hansel and Gretel out of bread, that you have gone too far. There is a capacity to handle stress written into our DNA. No matter their origin, when faced with the stresses of life our body responds. We tremble a bit, develop sweaty hands and feet, chew our finger nails and even our intestines tighten and begin to rumble. After having been the reluctant owner of a peptic ulcer, I am all too familiar with the lingering effects that stress has on the body physiologically. When we are absent of PEACE (under stress) some respond by using coping mechanisms that create other issues such as drugs and alcohol. I won’t preach but, let’s just say that too much of anything has proven to be detrimental and besides that, when you awaken from that drug-filled haze, the problem is still there and often times bigger from neglect. Coping gives me the notion that I have given in to the situation and decided to coexist like we are cousins sharing a room at grandmothers for the summer, and I have to find a way to get along. All the while it gnaws at me, taunting me with its presence. My solution is to find PEACE by looking at or unapologetically confronting the issue head on. Once it has been exposed it is easier to deal with. PEACE and stress are combatants forever locked in a struggle for your total being. However, PEACE can be found in a stressful situation. There is a term that clearly depicts my theory of stress management, “Where the head goes the body must follow” and if your options are fight or flight then I would suggest that you learn to fight. Stand up against anyone/anything that robs you of your PEACE. The fight is hard, stumbling and swinging at everything that moves, but just like a seasoned veteran, the more you fight the better you get. So remember the next time your PEACE has been encroached upon by life, simply look at the cause and fight for your PEACE. “What we are willing to fight for, we tend to value and what we value, we tend to keep” CRandolphE. That’s our opinion now tell us what you think about this week’s topic.

Posted in Peace

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