I would like to go right into the word this week as it can be a troublesome topic. The word this week is “DEDICATED”. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines it as a self-sacrificing devotion. While in the service to this great country I was a Parachute Rigger and I learned just what it meant to be DEDICATED. Very few people would put their lives on the line for people they know and fewer still, would for those they never met. I could tell you that I enlisted because I was DEDICATED to my country, but that wouldn’t be true. Let’s just say that my enlistment involved a Fulton County Sherriff’s deputy, my attitude, a judge and my mother coming to a conclusion. It wasn’t all bad. Uncle Sam promised me money for school and I in turn agreed to rig parachutes.  I jumped from an aircraft while in flight and put my life on the line every jump. Sometimes being DEDICATED costs and the constant pain in my back and neck reminds me of the commitment. There can be no dedication without a commitment to completion.  This means that you must not only start a thing, but you must hand carry it to the finish line, no matter the cost.  You may remember the Olympics in which the father jumped the rail and helped his son with his commitment to finish the race.  This may not be significant to some until you realize that the father risked imprisonment abroad.  Now imprisonment is bad, but imprisonment abroad is a whole different animal – ask Amanda Knox.  The runner had injured himself and could not walk, much less run and had fallen several times. While fighting off the officials that were trying to carry him off, the runner’s father arrived and assisted him to and through the finish line because he was DEDICATED to being his father.

                              The very crux of the term DEDICATED implies that you have to prove it.  GOD proved that he was DEDICATED to me as he brought me through two wars and several jumps into the trees and if you are reading this, his dedication is still evident. My mother proved her dedication to being my mother by pleading with the courts for my freedom.

                             This being the month of the New Year’s Resolution, I find this a very appropriate topic.  We start out with good intentions and just can’t seem to get out of our own way sometimes.  We overthink the process and talk ourselves out of even reaching with all that we have to make the goal and the end result is a mediocre existence plagued with regret.  It is never too late to change our level of commitment.  “What’s down in the well will come up in the bucket” and reaching deep is all that is required.  Every consistently successful person has developed that character trait.  To be DEDICATED may require that you turn it up a bit, do more than you did, adjust your perspective or start over just to be sure.

                               I know you’re asking yourself, where does all this DEDICATED behavior get me? My answer is simple.  Where do you want to be? If you want to be a mother/father, you must be DEDICATED to a child.  If you want to be married, you must be DEDICATED to a woman/man. If you want a house, you must be DEDICATED to saving and paying your bills on time. If you want to graduate, you must be DEDICATED to being a student.  If you want to be a student, you must be DEDICATED to studying. If you want to be promoted, you must be DEDICATED to working and not breaking.

                               I hope this week you find yourself DEDICATED to success, because that’s where the world will find you if you do.  We thank you for being DEDICATED to our blog here at and welcome your comments and suggestions.

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