Welcome to, every week we choose a single word and explore the definition. We discuss how it might impact our lives. We have chosen a word this week that has such a wide variance of definitions that we couldn’t agree on one approach but agreed that the spirit of the word should be discussed.

The word this week is THINK. Some thinking requires that we pause and ponder a thing; pause and consider before we move. Some thinking requires that we cogitate; to think more deeply on a thing. Growing up I was considered by my mother to be accident prone but, I would say that I never paused to consider the outcomes of any wayward thoughts that wondered through my mind. Years later and a plethora of scars, knots, bumps and bruises, I have learned to be considerably more vicarious in my actions. You see thinking allows the truth to bubble up or be totally obliterated by your intentions. If your intentions are set, all the thinking in the world won’t save you. While you sit and wait for the correct information to sink in, your options broaden and the truth will be triumphant.

At many Crossroads or important decisions in life are often what would cause us to ponder properly. “I think, therefore I am a THINKER” and to do great things one must stop and think. I would say that if we are to change any behaviors or situations we eventually have to pause all of our actions and just think. Just THINK on the outcome and not the problems. Like a hand in your face, the problems have a way of obscuring the solution, so sometimes you have to work backwards. Look to the optimal solution and kind of reverse engineer that puppy. If the problem has the tendency to cause an emotional response, walk away and THINK on something else. After much contemplation most problems just dwindle to near nothing and time was all you needed to make a the right decision. To THINK is to offer opportunity for greater accuracy in the decision making process outside of emotional influence.

I hope this week you are found thinking and as always if you have a thought about this week’s word please feel free to comment below.

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