The SSTMT team has decided the word for this week would be IMMINENT. IMMINENT as defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary would imply negative connotations of impending doom. I choose to believe that for every negative there is a positive. The diametrical position of doom would be an overwhelming success. If I do my due diligence, success is IMMINENT and around the corner resides my next victory.

IMMINENT success holds the notion that the believer can attain the desired goal. One of the key factors behind IMMINENT success is patience, more specifically long term patience. The kind of patience that requires that you talk to yourself, answer yourself but just don’t argue with yourself. Have you ever been in need of relief? Have you ever desperately desired a goal and the process was so arduous that when you finally reached it you couldn’t really celebrate? Sometimes the side effects of IMMINENT success can render you just plain too pooped to pop.
There are things that money can buy but it cannot buy freedom from falling. Falling down is something in which every single individual has to contend. The falling down is natural and the recovery is the lesson. Experts say that in order to establish a successful business you have start with a successful failure in business.

I believe that my job is to find that IMMINENT success and squeeze it for all that it is worth, take plenty of notes during the squeezing and then duplicate it. One success represents countless failures and they are cohorts that are equally dependent upon one another. It is our desire that each of you are successful beyond measure and when you are in the midst of your IMMINENT success, be reminded that somebody told you that you will be successful before it is over. Be blessed because it is IMMINENT.

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