This week we will barely scrape the surface of the term SUCCESS.  I actually love Merrian-Webster’s definition so we will use it.

SUCCESS: the favorable or prosperous termination of attempts or endeavors.

The only thing that I would question would be whether or not it should be “termination of attempts”.  A successful Mother doesn’t stop being a mother if her children are productive citizens.  Many children of successful parenting can attest to the fact that their parents are still teaching even in their death.  I pour into my children every chance that I get because when I am departed from this portion of my journey, all of the lessons, instructions, and our conversations will live on.  In fact our encounters will be treasured more after I am long gone.   I most likely won’t see all of the fruits of my labor but in faith I plant seeds.

The goals created and achieved do not terminate the roll.  To reach even a modicum of SUCCESS at any one thing requires that we devote time and energy towards the perfecting of a task.  Often times in this microwave society we aren’t willing to wait yet, we are willing to work hard at not working.


I would encourage you the reader to reach for the stars dream big and not settle for less.  I am not a greedy man but everything I put my hands to do I endeavor to be the best.  Maybe it is the fierce competitiveness instilled in me from having two brothers but I gauge my SUCCESS with a question. Did I do my best? So, SSTMT family everyone has an internal reservoir to pull from but the depth of the reserve is determined by how often you scrape the bottom. On the next project, task or job give it your unabridged all, daring to leave nothing for tomorrow.  You will find yourself depleted by night and refreshed by mornings edge, both stronger and yes very successful at whatever you put your hands to do.  If you dare to make it a way of life you will be pleasantly surprised at all you could accomplish.  Remember SUCCESS is just one exit up from failure.

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