LifeThis week we would like to expose the the term LIFE.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary has the ability to provoke a fit in me as I read the definitions.  Words can inspire if given a moment to clarify.   LIFE as defined by one of Merriam-Webster multiple descriptions means a specified period of animate and inanimate existence.  A car has a life span that is defined by its use.  A pack of crackers has a life span defined by the date of optimal usage and then degraded as they age.  The funny thing about a man’s (human) life, his/her life is defined by the dash between the date of their birth and death.  I  would like to bring the attention of this weeks post to the fact that a beings LIFE can be changed in a moment.    Why does it seem like the more I try to do right in this LIFE the more that I see those that concentrate on wrong, prosper?  Why even do right if the wrong are the only to prosper?  These questions used to plague me to no end.  Yet when the opportunity to live in wrong presents itself, I shun the very  appearance.  I am forced to sit and observe the wrong prosper and it is as though no one sees what I see. Am I special with an X-ray vision or wrong-o-meter set too high?  No matter the beliefs of the liver of a LIFE there is a common thread of righteousness that cannot be avoided.  Religious beliefs, emotional status, nor class structure can free the liver of a LIFE from the general “do no harm” policy of  LIFE.  There are general laws that are unwritten,  prevelant and inescapeable such as the law of gravity.  You don’t have to write it down or remember it’s mathematical equation but if you ever had the mishap of falling from any height, you have become familiar with its effect.   The cousin to said law is the law of reciprocity which demands that whatever energy that you put out, you get back with equal intent.  Simply put what goes around, comes back around.  The problem with gravity is that it’s obedience is required immediately and would leave you with the impression that is a more relevant law.  The truth of the matter is that reciprocity requires just as much attention because when you least expect it and can afford it the least it will require repayment for misdeeds.  I am not as one of the saints of old nor am I close to being nominated for the person of the year by People magazine.  In fact I am rather selfish in that I live my LIFE treating people right because I want to be treated right.  LIFE is about time, LIFE is about creating value in our everyday encounters, and most importantly LIFE is about being more impactful now because we only have one shot at it. 

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