This week we would like to expose the term HURT, and as usual we’ll define it by the Merriam-Webster definition: to suffer pain or grief. Getting older, I decided that I had better start fighting the battle of the bulge more vigorously. I got the ingenious idea to ride my bicycle while walking my 115 lb. Pressa-Canario. Well during the ride/walk she saw a cat and to make a long story short, me and the bike had a disagreement. I am not saying that it was totally her fault; but we don’t ride/walk anymore due to irresponsible cat owners. I sustained cuts and scrapes that removed all color from any body part that had the misfortune of being used as landing gear. My wife and all three of my children were present and walking it off was the only thing that a strong and virile man could do. I performed what I would like to call a tuck and roll maneuver but not so much. It was more of a tuck and scrape maneuver. Several weeks later when I began to heal from the physical HURT and decided to try again and to my chagrin it happened again. I made up in mind that I either did not know what I was doing or it wasn’t meant for us to ride/walk the dog. Now we only run/walk the dog for obvious reasons. HURT is designed to serve as a reminder of what not to do.

hurtWhat if that HURT is not just physical but somehow emotional? Often times it doesn’t just remind us, it stops us in our tracks. Out of fear and self-preservation we go no further. We refuse to do that one thing again. We swear off dating or letting anyone get close to us again because of the pain or the hole left upon their departure. Maybe a loved one has died and the death has left you flattened and or numb. You remember a time when you were happy and just long to get back there. Maybe you have worked for a company and for some reason or another they laid you off. How do you get back to happy when you have suffered such HURT? The truth of the matter is that HURT enters the lives of everyone no matter their status in life. Likewise everyone has to go through HURT to learn to get over HURT.

My reminder for getting over the HURT is the Hammer and Nail. I had to perform seasonal maintenance on my home which involved replacing some rotten boards. I had used a nail and hammer on so many occasions before and took it for granted until I struck my thumb with the hammer. Some may respond to the pain by cursing and kicking things that they would have to clean up later. I, on the other hand walked around the yard holding my hand trying not to cry (aloud). I cried unto GOD and all whom were in shouting distance. The HURT was a normal occurrence and a natural expectation when your thumb has an encounter with a hammer. I knew exactly what I did wrong and learned the lesson right away, yet the pain did not depart once the lesson had been learned, because pain was part of the lesson. The funny thing about HURT, everyone goes through it but not everyone learns from its desire to make you stronger. Many when faced with the agony caused by HURT turn away, but I would say face it and learn the whole lesson.

It required time for me to heal from the HURT caused in both examples but after giving it enough time you can barely see the scars and they too are a part of the lesson. Scars or memories serve as reminders of past HURT for the sole purpose of protecting us in the future and given enough time some of the worst HURT can provide the biggest smiles. I am still waiting to smile about the hammer, but I did not get rid of the dog and each time my family brings up my tuck and scrape maneuver they still get a good laugh.


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