This week I would like to explore the term COST.  Merriam-Webster defines the term as loss or penalty incurred especially in gaining something.  This is the part of most endeavors that many fail to count.  The COST can uniquely assist in the decision making process.  I have a few friends that found themselves behind bars (not that I follow a rough crowd or anything). I just happen to be witness to their incarceration; and each of them, only after they were booked and settled into their cells did they begin to count the COST.  The COST can be quantified by the acquisition.  In other words, if we make good decisions or investments, the proof can be found in the results.

COSTGrowing up I was the least obedient of my mother’s children, not that the rest were exemplary in their deportment, but I was the least obedient.  On many occasions I wound up hurt and or injured due to what my mother proclaimed as being accident prone.  On one particular occasion my mother had to work on a Saturday and left instructions for us not to leave the front porch.  She may as well have been talking to herself because as soon as she was out of sight my first notion was to go about my day without regard for her warning.  She had issued this warning on prior occasions but nothing ever happened when I ventured beyond the sanctity of the front porch. So why should I think this particular time would be any different?  It was a Saturday and there was much fun to be had and it wasn’t on the front porch, so I ran down the steps and turned the corner and fell in the grass.  This would be a minor occurrence anywhere else but my neighborhood apparently, because where I happened to fall was exactly where a soda bottle had been broken and the glass was left just for me.  I sustained a cut that bled deep, dark red blood for approximately four hours until my mother came home.  The gash was so bad that she cried upon first sight.  She knew that leaving the porch would put us at risk.  The COST of disobedience on this occasion was so great that a year later I walked with a limp and was still pulling glass from my knee.  I failed to count the COST until I had to make a payment in blood and pain.  Somebody Shoulda Told Me That everything has a COST associated with it and often times it is neglected until payment is due.  The COST of living sometimes creates a need to make choices and that is the burden of everyone on the planet but we must pause if only for a moment to count the COST and weigh the risk.  Let me know what you think…

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