This week we will explore the term Need.  As usual we must speak from a singular definition to add clarity or purpose for our message and Merriam-Webster defines Need as: a condition requiring supply or relief.  This condition is common unto humanity for there isn’t a man alive that has not suffered from Need.  According to Abraham Maslow, there are several kinds of Need; Physiological, Safety (Security), Love and Belonging, Esteem, and Self-Actualization.  Every Need has a satisfier as well; however, the problem is that we do not find relief because we cannot identify the crux of the problem or the essential point of the resolution.  In the business world, a root cause analysis assists the analyst to find the actual problem and to not just treat the business events.  Incidentally, most of us when cut by life’s events just want the pain and bleeding (the events) to stop.

want-need1Growing up in the projects of Atlanta I became intensely skilled in the art of suffering from want; but I can earnestly say that I have rarely, if ever, for any extended period of time, suffered from Need while in my mother’s home.  My mother tried very hard as a single parent to make sure that we never suffered from Need.  Yes indeed we Needed a father figure in the home and she tried her best to be that but, when it was beyond her, using all of the funds available to her, she would then put us in front of Godly men to teach us what she would deem the fundamentals of manhood.  I consider myself blessed beyond belief because there were families all around us that suffered from true Need.  It was unavoidable in a place of great disparity that one might find friends that were left alone all day to their own devices with no guidance or instructions for survival.  When I look back, there was Need all around us but we were somehow spared from the more severe circumstances of our peers.   We always had breakfast, lunch and dinner.  We never had a cold night.  We consistently had decent clothes on our backs.  I can without pause, declare that as a mother she was a defender of the family against Need.  God blessed us through her even into my adulthood where she supported my every endeavor with zeal.

I recall a wrestling match in high school where I was truly out-classed and underweight.  When I wanted to give up and let my opponent pin me, it was her voice that encouraged me to stand.  She saw a Need and from her seat in the bleachers lent me the strength to turn the tables and pin the undefeated champion.   That day her words began filling the Need that Abraham Maslow would call “self-actualization”.   She never touched the wrestling mat, but it was her words that encouraged me to believe that I could do it.  It was her screaming at the top of her lungs that encouraged me to give more than I had previously been used to giving.

The funny thing about Need is that it never requires an invitation; it just shows up with disparity in tow and doesn’t require an announcement so that you pay attention to its entrance.  However, GOD with omniscient precision has placed within every Need a way of escape.  Every needful moment comes with potential, for Need and hope are lifetime combatants.  We Need only to hope that what a man can be, he must be.  As usual we encourage you to share your thoughts about this week’s topic.  Remember you can’t say that Somebody Shoulda Told You That, cause I just did.  Be blessed.

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