This week we here at SSTMT would like to explore a term that everyone can relate to but we must all learn to minimize. The word this week is REGRETREGRET as defined by Merriam-Webster reflects sorrow aroused by circumstances beyond one’s control or power to repair.
Lustrous Wooden Cabinet with Regret File Label in Dramatic LIght.REGRET a familiar emotion to every knuckle head little boy or overly trusting little girl.  Life has a way of teaching us but none so potent as REGRET.  The lessons taught by REGRET are shameful only if they are not learned in their entirety.  REGRET is the mechanism that prompts you to pause and think about it long enough to make better decisions.    Ever wonder why the ex-con seems so insightful, he/she has had time to ponder their actions and value future options.  I say that REGRET has a positive intention born of bad decisions.  The key is to learn to live with your decisions but swear off repeating them.
“To do a thing is to know that it can’t be undone, for we would get no thing done. If I were given a chance to undo just one, this one would be one.  Nevertheless it can’t so I’ll settle for the lesson” Crandolphe.

Thank you for taking the time to read our first Summer post and if you have any input please don’t hesitate to reply to our blog.

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