This week we will try  to approach the term IMPACT.  Merriam-Webster defines IMPACT as the force of impression of one thing on another : a significant or major effect.  I approach this week’s term without pause, for every deed done leaves an impression, positive or negative.  The key is to leave a positive impression where ever you go because someone is watching and you may never know them.  Fifty thousand years ago, a giant meteor struck the earth in what is now known as northern Arizona, exploding with the force of 2 ½ million tons of dynamite.  No one was around when it struck and they have yet to find the core components. Impact However,  because there was no one around to witness the creation of Barringer’s  crater doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a creator.  The evidence of the meteor’s existence is the IMPACT it left in the earth.  I would say the evidence of your existence is the IMPACT that you have made in the EARTH.  Maybe there are some of you reading this that have contributed more than your share in the mis-leading of your children or even prison time hinders you from talking.  The fact that you have made mistakes that are very visible gives you the privilege to speak to the age old art of making mistakes.  This week I would like to step out on a limb and say that if the impression has been made and if you are not satisfied by the mark that it left on your viewers, then make another one.  My daughter and I were estranged and I had no way of making up for the time that we were apart and I don’t even try because I am too busy trying to make new memories.  My hope this week is that you live a life prepared to IMPACT another’s.  Thank you for visiting and as usual your comments are welcomed.

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