This week I am fortunate to introduce Mr. Sheldon Bryant as our guest blogger.  The term assigned to me this week is EXPOSURE.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines EXPOSURE as the act or condition of being exposed; or the condition of being in view or being made known. I have come to learn EXPOSURE as a variety of things that have guided many of my decisions, both good and bad alike.  I speak of EXPOSURE with a deep familiarity. It has played a contiguous role in my life that seems to never end. Whether it is the manner in which you wear your clothes, your dialect, or the split-second decisions that you make in life, EXPOSURE creates a mini peephole into the mechanics of your mind. Life has taught me that EXPOSURE can be the difference between success and failure.


Too much EXPOSURE to any one thing can determine habits and habits can be determined by character and character is established by standards.  The key is to establish standards and never fail to hold them up.  The mind is similar to a sponge, absorbing all it can absorb, and when you least expect it, expunges itself with a spattering of your personality still attached.   EXPOSURE is an expression of an impression left behind by both the conscious and subconscious mind. In other words some of the things that we are exposed to can be traced to our origin and we can recall exactly where we picked them up.  However, no one formally teaches their child to be an alcoholic or wife beater but so often the traits are passed down subliminally.  There is freedom from such helplessness for as we grow we can develop the ability to identify right and wrong more easily.  As a youth, I was exposed to the lifestyle of the less fortunate, via run down houses, single-parent homes, and the unruly behavior of the role models left for me and my peers to follow. Naturally I picked up some of the bad habits presented to me like hand-me-downs being passed from one generation to the next. Later in life I realized that those same bad habits that I was taught were the same ill manners passed down to the younger generations and ultimately my own child. It was that revelation and a series of unfortunate events that charged me to change the inbred misbehaviors. EXPOSURE, like a virus, can carry the cure for what ails you.  It was the early EXPOSURE to what I would call a negative lifestyle that created a hunger inside of me for a better life. That early EXPOSURE conceived an ambition and determination that refuses to yield to any worldly opposition. I started down a path that has consumed so many before me and recently have been reminded by the consequences of not retaining the lessons.  I had to reevaluate my purpose and ultimately take control of my own destiny.  EXPOSURE to wrong does not provide a license to do wrong; it merely creates a hurdle when trying to do right.  Doing the right thing often times can be whittled down to one single decision.  Every day that I awake I combat the things that I have been exposed to and I conquer each by lifting a greater standard for myself.

Sheldon Bryant

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