This week the topic is DISTRACTED.  DISTRACTED is a common term of which most individuals think they have a firm grasp.  Distract as defined by Merriam-Webster means to draw or direct (as one’s attention) to a different object or in different directions at the same time.  Likewise using deductive reasoning the individual with average intelligence and run of the mill English language skills come to the conclusion that DISTRACTED would be the past tense of the root word.  The truth of the matter is that DISTRACTED means to be mentally confused, troubled, or remote.  This is where I would like to focus our attention this week.  In America during the early nineties, the movement to hire individuals with the ability to multi-task began.  No one thought that it would lead to the DISTRACTED America that it has become.  There was a time when we would focus on our problems and come to a common resolve.  Now, instead of facing the issues we would rather be preoccupied by the public train wrecks that we so ironically call “Reality Shows”.  The truth of the matter is that they are far from reality yet many mimic their antics as though there is a director in the background that will rescue us from the impending doom of our actions by saying cut.  I refuse to stay in a reality that does not edify my walk, strengthen my resolve, or just plain improve my existence.  Don’t get me wrong, some things are good in moderation and can break up the monotony to refresh an individual’s resolve for the things that are important.  If you have a Facebook (fB) account and can’t go a day or an hour without checking in I would say that you my dear are DISTRACTED.  At the heart of the term DISTRACTED is the notion that you are participating in something that has tipped the scales of importance.  Not too long ago a couple made the headlines by having their child taken for reasons of neglect.  They simply forgot to feed the child one weekend because they were playing an online game that took precedence over the nutrition of their child.   This is an extreme case and I am not saying that the occasional and healthy dose of fB and gaming can’t refresh the soul, but the hours spent in a fB or Twitter argument, hash tagging and viewing the latest “You Tube” fight video could be better spent on a class to enlighten you in whatever religious views or hobbies.  America has been so DISTRACTED that the American auto industry was almost lost.  The DISTRACTED status quo has led to the most uneducated United States in decades.  We have “pay for hire” elected officials that sell out to big business and no outcry because we are DISTRACTED.  We have teenagers killed by lone gunmen and the detached jury relates to the gunman and not the victim, DISTRACTED.  We have teachers so tired of being underpaid, underappreciated and under the microscope that they are just waiting to retire so that they can rest, DISTRACTED.  At the beginning of the year I decided that instead of making a New Year’s resolution my family and I would choose a word that best describes how we as individuals would try to live.  The instructions were to choose a word that would improve your current status.  My son the musician chose “Practice”, my daughter the accomplished artist and suffering student chose “Commitment”, my wife the often stagnant project manager chose “Opportunity” and me the author, father, husband, gamer, business owner and graphic designer, chose “Focus”.  focus How many of you have a strong sense of destiny and yet being DISTRACTED has siphoned your zeal?  How do you return from the brink of this DISTRACTED state of being, you ask.  Focus.  Find an interest that is productive, beneficial, self-edifying, and FOCUS.  My son has been accepted into the local Arts Magnet school after a one minute audition because he practiced; my daughter the suffering student finished the year with a 3.6 GPA, because she chose to be committed; my wife stepped outside of her bubble and gained a business certification while attending classes at our local university, because she was going to take advantage of opportunities to advance.  The “Reality Show” is in your own lives, if we are too busy watching the lives of others we can’t live our own.

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