This week I have decided to dissect the term RIGHTEOUS.  RIGHTEOUS; morally right or justifiable act.  RIGHTEOUSness encroaches upon the notion of Truth Relativism.  Truth Relativism briefly states that there are no absolute truths, in fact it goes on to explain that truth is relative or subject to the individual or society’s beliefs and perspectives.  The individual that came up with that notion has never been rear-ended in rush hour traffic.  I am of the belief that societal precepts have an influence on an individuals devotion to the truth but does not alter the truth.  We are human and with that distinction we are also fallible.  We make mistakes but our core beliefs should be grafted to RIGHTEOUS actions.  Our actions or reactions should be aimed at and with the intention of hitting the RIGHTEOUS option.  This alone proves the concept of change being constant.

It never ceases to amaze me when I see a person ostracized by a group that has allowed the infectious disease of hatred to take the reins of leadership.  I spent six years of my life as an administrative assistant in a medical device company.  I worked for the R&D group and from day one it was a rude awakening for both me and them.  I was the first male American of African descent to work in both the position and the group alike.  I was over-educated for most of the tasks that they had me performing, yet it was during the “Dot Bomb” era and jobs were few and far between.  I soon found that I was the only male American of African descent that most in the group had ever encountered in the workplace.  I wouldn’t recommend entering into being the first of anything lightly.  I could tell that most in the group had barely gotten used to seeing women in the workplace let alone little old me.  The behaviors of the group prior to my arrival were deplorable and afterward many of these self-professed, GOD-fearing individuals saw me as nothing more than a servant or disposable.  The Vice President hired me and warned me, but how can you be properly warned about unrighteous behavior.  He explained that he couldn’t gut the entire department or nothing would get done.  His thoughts were that he would change the hearts of key individuals and they in turn would influence the others.  This trickle down experiment never worked and the VP moved on to bigger and better opportunities which left me to fight the good fight of faith and ultimately falling prey to the “Right to Work” guidelines here in Florida.  The staff ultimately spent a great deal of their time figuring out how they would go about ridding themselves of me without getting a lawsuit in return.    They failed to accept the changes and  change is detrimental to the outcome.  Change must be required of the bottom but driven from the top down.   How can one be RIGHTEOUS if he has not the ability to embrace change?  To truly be RIGHTEOUS one must embosom the notion of change.

To the person seeking RIGHTEOUSness, change gives them the opportunity to finally get it right. During my tenure in the US Army, I was afforded several opportunities to take the “Land Navigation” course which taught me how to travel in dense vegetation from one point to another.  There are several things that one must do when attempting to travel in the woods.  The first of which is to determine where you are and finally where you want to go.  No matter the distance one must periodically repeat the steps of finding where they are in order to get to where they want to be.  So many started out on the right path but failed to shoot another azimuth or check their status.

“There is a path laid for us that is perfect but we often stray. We are tempted by distractions, heartaches, and indulgences alike.  To know your way is to major in course corrections.” – Crandolphe

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