This week we will approach a topic that is common unto every man, woman and child.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines LOSS as; the experience of having something taken from you or destroyed.  If you have never suffered LOSS your turn is coming.    Whether it was a favorite toy, a friendship, a family member or a familiar face, the pain is the same though it varies in its intensity. LOSS  I am not sure if it is the suddenness or the finality that LOSS brings, that causes so much demand for my attention.  I tried not looking at it but like a misbehaving child in the doctor’s office it just gets worse when it doesn’t get the desired attention.

Often times LOSS hurts so much that it has the ability to prompt a pause for station identification.  It makes you define or redefine how you look at life.  Tomorrow is not promised, so LOSS reminds us to find value in everyone we meet.  Furthermore, it causes us to note that there is a window of opportunity in every relationship that we must appreciate.  After my father and mother divorced, I found myself estranged from him for various reasons. At the tender age of nine, I found no value in a man who would leave his children.  When he died I was a mere seventeen year old and since then there have been occasions where I could have used a word of wisdom that he may have been able to provide.

Everyone deals with LOSS differently and hurt is a natural side effect of LOSS.  I like to describe the process as “The Needle, the Nail, and the Poke”.  When we first encounter LOSS it is like a needle prick sharp, sudden, and no matter how many times it occurs, it hurts.  As time goes on the needle prick turns into a nail, not as sharp but with the appropriate focus it causes pain.  However, with enough time the thought of the same LOSS can be as a poke in the side, tickling you ever so gently whenever we think about the LOSS.  I find myself laughing inside when I think about some of those that I have lost.  Reminiscing about the times that we shared and ultimately smiling and becoming a better person because of the LOSS.  If/when you find yourself battling the side effects of LOSS give it some time and you will grow.

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