This week I would like to scrape the surface of a topic that could keep a body occupied for their entire life.  The topic this week is TRUTH.  TRUTH as defined by Merriam Webster is the property of being in accord with fact or reality.   TRUTH has the uncontrollable power as of a pheromone in the nostrils, to lure the believer into following.  He who seeks an unbiased truth will surely find it.  In the information age no matter what denomination or  credo that you follow, one can find a statement to backup their beliefs with great ease.   So I would like to carefully exam the essence of the word TRUTH.  TruthFirst we can divide the TRUTH into two categories: absolute and perceived(relative).  The perceived TRUTH is often times compared to groping in the dark.  More often then not, the perceived TRUTH has its basis squarely planted in the preconceived notions of the believer.  For instance, I am a Christian and I can’t help but see things with a Christian slant.  If I have a problem that I just can’t seem to overcome I believe that if I bow before GOD in prayer that he hears me and will send aid or encourage me to endure.  There is the non-Christian perception that may think that I am groping in the dark but, that too is their perspective which is tainted by non-Christian values.  That leads us to the absolute TRUTH.  The characteristics of absolute TRUTH can enlighten and confuse simultaneously.  In order for something to be categorized as the absolute TRUTH it must pass the litmus of being valid at all times and places.  Man, if he has ever possessed it, has lost his ability to know the absolute TRUTH, for it is in his very nature to taint that which he touches.  No one man in this world possesses absolute TRUTH. This is God’s attribute alone. Relative(perceived) TRUTH is all we know.  We can never be so sure as to demand that others believe as we do because it is not given to man to know the whole TRUTH. For that reason alone we should be more tolerant of those that believe differently.  Our duties lie in living up to the TRUTH as we sees it.  This is the perceived TRUTH as I see it and I welcome your input.  Follow the link listed below to COMMENT.



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