This week we will dare to briefly deter­mine a def­i­n­i­tion for the term OVERCOME. OVERCOME as defined by Merriam-Webster sim­ply means; to get the bet­ter of or sur­mount.  As a young man I was not instructed in the res­o­lu­tion of most sit­u­a­tions, only given the hind­sight res­o­lu­tions.  The prob­lem with hind­sight instruc­tions is that they only pro­vide assis­tance for the next encounter.   Often times when I needed to OVERCOME I had to muster up the strength to endure the issue and only after gain­ing the courage to push past the pain, pres­sure, or spec­u­la­tion of oth­ers did I find what was required to OVERCOME.  The ART of over­com­ing involves beat­ing my own fears into sub­mis­sion. More­over, it is made per­fect when the need to has long since passed.  I was in my first and only enlist­ment in US Army and train­ing to become a mighty para­trooper and when faced with my first jump I found myself ner­vous beyond com­pare.  I looked around and there were oth­ers faced with the same dilemma talk­ing ner­vously or qui­etly pon­der­ing if this was the last day of their lives. wpid-images.jpeg
I decided that if this was it, that I was going to face it with bold­ness.  The fear was very real but I was going to con­trol me in the midst of the fear thereby con­trol­ling how the fear would impact me.  The antonym to OVERCOME is DEFEAT and in most occa­sions it is also the antecedent.  In order to OVERCOME a sit­u­a­tion some­times we might become a vic­tim for a moment, but a spark or a need arises that prompts us or sim­ply put we reach the very end of our tolerance.


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