This 1st week in the New Year we would like to approach the term PURPOSE.  PURPOSE as defined by Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is the desired effect, something set-up as an objective or need to be attained.  purposeFor years in America January has signified the start of a season of resolution making, do overs, renewals and start-ups.  I am in full support of an individual making improvements and trying to change for the betterment of their total being.  However you must not get caught up in the whole newness and yearly fad which is the New Year’s resolution.  There comes a time when every human realizes that they may have to change their approach as it relates to problems.  In fact doing something the same way and expecting a different outcome is an attribute of the insane.  When something different is what you want, I would recommend that you approach things from the PURPOSE side of the issue.  What you want to change and more importantly why do you want the change?  When you come to the conclusion you will have come to your PURPOSE.  If we start change with the outcome as the objective and with the WHY and WHAT of it all center mass, we will more perfectly hit the mark.  PURPOSE is about gaining and using what you have gained to incrementally progress towards a future status.  In essence it is merely a bunch of mini successes stacked up and reviewed at certain intervals.  PURPOSE is not something that one stumbles upon, it arrives as the result of an exercise in discipline and a nearly clairvoyant step towards your desires.  In 2014, find your PURPOSE and do something great.

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