This week our word is STANDARD.  Merriam-Webster’s dictionary defines STANDARD as something set up and established by authority as a rule for the measurement of quantity, weight, extent value or quality.  When I think of a STANDARD I envision a scene from one of the many battle fields across American history where the identification of your STANDARD or banner was significant.  In the heat of battle when the troops were to move in a certain direction, the commander would signal the guide-on or banner man to move first.  The guide-on held the STANDARD that determined the unit’s convictions.  StandardLikewise in life we should have a set of rules that depict our principles or unwavering rules that we live by.  When I was a young boy growing up in the government housing projects, my siblings and I were taught to be better than our circumstances.  Any given weekend there could be a shooting, theft, or at the very least a fight and the summer just escalated the probability. It was over one of these weekends after witnessing an altercation between a pair of residents, that I came home to share with my mother the day’s events. I found her cleaning our tiny apartment from top to bottom and the aroma of bleach abounded.  Even though she always showed great disdain at the notion of neighbors fighting and killing one another, I started my story with exuberance.  She abruptly intervened to share with me the notion of setting a STANDARD that lives with me still.  It was then that she informed me that though a man might find himself in the jungle, does not mean that he is a tiger.   Moreover, when we visit the zoo the animals will be staying long after we have departed.  Her expectations of us began to establish the framework for our moral character.  If you don’t stand for something you will literally fall for everything.  It is hard to control errant thoughts, but if you have established a line that you are unwilling to cross, it is easier to fight back the notions that encroach.  Perhaps you find yourself staring down the barrel of repeated mistakes and at a loss for how you keep making the same mistakes.  Maybe if you would but raise your STANDARD, your help would come or at the very least you would be delivered from that mistake.

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