This week we would like to briefly explore the term POISE.  According to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary, POISE in the intransitive verb form means to become drawn up into readiness or to hoverPOISE has everything to do with preparedness and nothing to do with the façade or perception of full knowledge.  To have POISE is to have anticipated the situation and made the necessary provisions that enables one to respond adequately in the event of an abnormal occurrence.  If you hope for the best and plan for the worst it will enable you to receive the outcome with limited lag time or negative effect.  Outside of the heavenly throne there are few, if any, that can plan for every issue in life but having POISE will help establish a pattern of innate behavior in the shadows of danger.  To have POISE enables you to gather rational thought and coordinate your actions and engage with the issue effectively.  However, I have found that if we go through life looking for problems that is exactly what we will find.  Problems will be the only thing that we see and we are left with a cynic’s view on life.  I choose to look for truth in  most matters and hope in the others.  This keeps my heart in a prepared to receive a blessing posture.  I am an analytical person and I choose to find the good.  It is easy to go through life detached from success or failure by criticizing every situation and never engaging for fear of disappointment.  Troubles have a way of leaving you myopic and unable to see the blessing.  Sometimes to find good, you have dig really deep, flip a couple of rocks, and ignore some dark clouds,  but, I compel you to POISE yourself for your next blessing.  If you find yourself with the desire to comment please follow the link listed below.

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