This week we would like to define the word SMILE.  According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary SMILE simply means to make the corners of your mouth turn up in an expression that shows happiness, amusement, pleasure, affection, etc.  A SMILE can be deceiving, tricking the viewer into believing that everything is well with the wearer. I would pose the notion that some don’t know the cost of a SMILE.  They just don’t know how much of my emotions that I have to push aside to pull the corners of my mouth simultaneously into a half moon shaped contour in the middle of my face.  I choose to make this motion when I greet people, known and unknown alike.  Not that my SMILE is the best I’ve ever seen but it is mine and I choose to show the best of me when I meet others.   I sit near the aisle or entrance to the area where my team arrives every morning. I have the opportunity to greet everyone as they leave the agony and snarls of traffic. I may be the first to greet them after fighting to get there every morning and most of the time I try to say good morning and if I am on a call I SMILE. I don’t SMILE because last night my back didn’t hurt and I had a great night sleep. I don’t SMILE because they are wearing the latest in fashion. I don’t even SMILE because I am on a pleasant call, to be truthful, most calls I get are because somebody has a problem. I SMILE though I, like many others have plenty of reasons to frown.  I SMILE though I, like many others could get away with the occasional scowl. Though my problems are real, there’s always someone worse off than me and far be it for me to not appreciate the simple notion that my plight is better than others.  I SMILE because I know that the problems won’t last forever. smileI SMILE often times because I am looking to my problem’s future resolution.  I SMILE because it may remind someone to do the same.  I can’t proselytize everyone as they pass but I can share the light that dwells inside of me. Have you ever noticed that when someone shares a genuine smile their eyes seem to flicker? No wonder they say the eyes are the windows to the soul. If you find yourself in a place where smiling is hard I would say that your deliverance just might start with giving a smile. If you are like me and find yourself smiling often I would say keep smiling it just might prompt somebody to give it right back.   If you find your­self with the desire to com­ment please fol­low the link listed below.


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