Today we would like to skim the surface of a topic that this microwave, two minutes to satisfaction world has seemed to have forgotten. Wait. Wait as defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary means to remain in a state in which you expect or hope that something will happen soon.

Wait, a four-letter word equivalent to its vulgar counterparts. The mere thought of Waiting has sparked a tantrum in the drive thru of the local chicken joint and church parking lots alike. Waiting in today’s society is tantamount to inferior service or product. My wife and I were celebrating our 22nd anniversary and I decided that I would treat her to one of the fancier steak restaurants in town. Upon our arrival we were seated immediately and because I made early reservations they knew our names and escorted us to our choice of seating. We rode the elevator to the top floor and were seated at a very comfortable table. After perusing the menu, we both were persuaded to order the “Wagyu Spinalis”, a fine cut of meat without comparison in the meat-eating world. We both ordered them well-done with very little if any pink in the middle. We were excited to try such a delicacy and after a while the restaurant began to fill with patrons when I noticed that the couples near us were eating. I, nearly enraged, began to wonder why such an injustice was occurring! Just as I prepared my Clarence Darrow like opening statement, the notion that I might be over reacting entered my conscience, forcing me to do an analysis of the situation. We had ordered an expensive meal, the restaurant was not going to waste money in having to do it over so it was going to take time, therefore special orders require the patron to Wait longer than others. Good thing I did because the armored guard-esque style of delivery by the Waiting staff represented the carefulness and pride in their preparation of the meal. They also comped us dessert. Waiting says the Waiter has weighed the probabilities and is certain there will be a change. In addition, Waiting says that the Waiter is wholly optimistic of the outcome. Waiting can be tortuous for the overly productive mind. The mission minded individual that finds great satisfaction in getting things done finds no value in having to Wait. Waiting requires patience! How well you Wait is in direct proportion to how much patience that you possess. Some things just require time and problems are proliferated when we try to remove the Wait out of Waiting. Improper Waiting can be eliminated by learning to occupy our time. I don’t mean surfing the internet at dinner to avoid losing your cool over a delayed meal but engaging in a meaningful conversation at said dinner while you Wait. Improper Waiting can result in multiple do overs and marrying the next one and not the best one. Learn to Wait. We thank you for reading and Wait for your comments, please list them below.

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