This being our very first post, I find it necessary to explain some of my tendencies early on. As a precocious youngster, I was inspired or forced in the mid to late 7o’s to read the dictionary during my family’s tenure of a housing project. This often times kept me out of trouble and caused me great angst due to my mother’s inclination to randomly ask me the definition of some of the words that I read. This behavior lead to a couple of spelling bees and getting kicked out of the shadows in my high school’s mediocre English class. My mother’s desire to bring peace to her home and preoccupy my time, created in me a love for words. So every week we will attempt to enlighten our readers with mere words.

This week the word is HOPE. HOPE as defined by Merriam Webster’s dictionary simply means to expect with confidence. Well I have taken the definition a bit further. It has been my experience that HOPE is much deeper than an expectation. HOPE is not to be confused with faith. If HOPE is the arrow, then faith is the bow or conveyance that delivers the believer. Faith is another planet but in the same solar system.

I believe that to have HOPE is to be “Wholly Optimistic”.

One hundred percent of me believes that I will succeed at whatever I aim my HOPE toward. More often than not, success and failure is determined by who wants it the most. HOPE, if properly wielded, can help a single mother with children to go back to school with a better opportunity in mind. Moreover, the mother that died believing in their drug addicted, thieving, jail bird son or daughter, had HOPE. The father/mother, overworked employee or the sleepy full-time student that survives on coffee grinds and energy drinks has HOPE. If you can’t understand this then I would suggest that you get something that you can be wholly optimistic about. HOPE is as much a contagion as it is contagious. What does that mean? The infectiousness of HOPE can rally your supporters and “haters” alike.

Warning: If you take your HOPE into a place or to people who thrive on negativity you will be isolated and ostracized.

To be the first one with HOPE is draining and can rob you of the zeal that is required to have HOPE. You must be prepared to go on your journey alone.  You must be willing to be the only one working.  To be hopeful or full of HOPE you must commit to re-visitation. Your everyday must start with looking at your goal and keeping it and the glory of the success in the forefront of your mind. For some reason or another whenever a person decides to do something great, there is always someone there to tell them that they cannot do it. Why that individual takes it upon themselves to discourage the pioneer is beyond me. GOD gave us a mechanism to combat these people and it is HOPE. HOPE in essence is an internal and a self-sustaining contrivance. HOPE empowers, HOPE enables, HOPE is a way of life and I HOPE that you are infected for life.


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